manual automatic blow moulding machine


Main Bread:
PLC: Delta(Taiwan) / Xinje( Wuxi) HMI Screen: Winview (Taiwan)
Blowing Cylinder: Sanhuan (China) Valve: Airtack (Taiwan)
Mould opening & Closing Cylinder: Airtac (Taiwan) Revolve Cylinder: Airtac (Taiwan)
Main drive mode:By Cylinder from Airtac (Taiwan)


Company patent cylindrical direct-flow valve is used by our compressors. The valve is made from the stainless steel belt imported from Sweden and it is free from fracture during the working life.

The piston of our air compressor aplies the integral cast chromium plating ring, the working life is extended by 3 to 4 times.

Company’s unique compressor dymanic balancing technology. The vibration is only as a quarter of the world standard.

The whole air compessor adopts rolling bearing without bearing shell (Comprising connecting rod).

To ensure safety and reliability of air compressor, redundancy design principle is adopted and multiple protection measures are taken: such as overload protection; overheat protection; phase-failure protection; undervoltage protection; drainage while stop running; startup under the condition pressure is zero.

High reliability, long maintenance cycle, very low oil consumption (oil-saving), low energy (power saving), these dramatically reduce the general operating cost of our air compressors.



Range of application:
BC – M1 straight-line bottle blowing machine is a kind of ldpe-g-nvp was hand cut embryo automatic bottle blowing equipment, compared with the fully automatic machine, the machine is the biggest characteristic of type automatic conveyer conveying bottle embryo, embryo can only rely on artificial to complete. This machine can be blown biggest 1500 ml PET as raw material of any shape of carbonated beverage bottle, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, large diameterhigh temperature resistant bottlesother packaging container. The bottle production from 1000 bottles/hour to 1200 bottles/hour, different specificationsconfigurationstructure design can fully meet the needs of different clients at homeabroad.

Special point:
1>Microcomputer control system, stable performance.
2>Infrared light tube heating, strong penetrating power, bottle preform rotation is heated, orbit, uniform heating, rapidreliable.
3>Tubes in the heating area, reflecting plate widthheight are adjustable, in order to suit the bottles of different structure of billet heating, with automatic exhaust device, to ensure that the path of constant temperature.
4>Safe self-locking device, when a process fails, the program will automatically switch to the safe state.
5>Each action is driven by cylinder, low noise.
6>Production process is semi-automatic have greatly improved, saving investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenancehigh safety, etc.

Technical parameters:

Project Unit BC-M1 BC-M2/5L BC-M2 BC-M/10L BC-MJ2/2L
Productivity BPH 1000-1200 800-1000 2000-2500 200-300 1200-1800
Maximum capacity L 2 5 1.5 10 2
The flat diameter MM 38 200 38 260 105
Max.Bottle Hight MM 300 300 300 450 200
Tensiled istance MM 260 260 260 400 180
The cavity number Cav 1 2 2 1 2
Heating power Kw 14 48 32 48 48
The use of power Kw 14 32 16 16 16
The power supply 380v 3phase 60hz
Pressure of work Mpa 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Blow air pressure Mpa 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
SIZE(L*W*H) MM 2.0*1.6*2m 4.2*1.8*2m 2.6*1.7*2m 3.2*1.6*2m 2.8*1.6*2m
Weight T 1.2 3.6 1.5 3.0 2.0
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