dia.55mm,700g pet preform

PET 5 Gallon dia.55mm 700g  preform made of 100% virgin PET material


1)100% new PET resin.

2) High transparency.

3) High toughness.

4) High smoothness

5) High light-reflection rate

6) 55mm standard neck size, with weight of 340g,350g,360g,450g,480g,550g,560g,600g, 630g, 650g, 680g,700g, 715g, 730g,750g and 800g available.

7)delivery time: 15days/40hp


PET Preform 100% brand-new PET material
High transparency looks
High toughness & Lowest tolerance rate on the wall-thickness

PET perform series:
PCO 28MM standard 1881/1810 from 12g to 64g, dia.30mm preform from 13g to 43g,. Dia.38 hot filled, jar preform, gallon serious preform and different serious food oil preform, can be blown bottle capacity from 250 ml and 350 ml, 500 ml and 600 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml and 2000 ml, 3 litres, 5 liters, 10 liters, 18.9 litres of all kinds of beverage packaging containers, etc.


Our bottle caps available:
28MM PCO1810&1881 types of drink cap /30MM water cap /38MM hot juice cap /42MM water cap /Oil bottle cap with press style /5gallon barrel cap /Plastic handle,etc
PP 100% new material
Color available
all kinds of neck size available
Delivery in shortest
15 years of experience in producting with well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production.
Defending against high temperature and pressure.
Different neck sizes (accord with customers requirement).
OEM and ODM service.
Heat proof and on time shipment.
All Caps are made of plastic material (FOOD GRADE) which has passed the health organization authorization of chinese government.

Raw Material with Color Additive For PET Preform & Cap Production – Packaging – Loading In the Container – Shipping:


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